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Since 2001, we have been helping companies worldwide improve their financial, technology and operational performance. Founded by Susan Black and Mims Wright, the firm’s partners and associates are all seasoned industry veterans, with decades of combined experience, capability building, and travel brand-specific successes with leading travel companies.

Our clients include major brands in distribution, technology, tour operation, airlines, hotels, solution providers, travel e-commerce, intermediaries, insurance and OTA’s.

Mims Wright - Managing Partner, Co-founder

Mims Wright - Managing Partner, Co-founder

Mims Wright is Co-Founder & Managing Partner.  His clients include leading online travel brands, traditional travel distributors, airlines, tour operators, suppliers, publishers, and travel industry start-ups.  He has provided interim management in crucial situations, helped optimize companies for funding and paved the way for travel industry new entrants, both domestically and worldwide.

Best known for his insightful analysis and tireless execution, his success stories have ranged from maximizing revenue, creating new business models, identifying new alliances & ventures, travel technology and preparation of companies for funding. His success has been global, with projects and companies in the U.S., South Africa, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Susan Black - Co-Founder, Senior Advisor

Susan Black - Co-Founder, Senior Advisor

Susan Black,  Senior Advisor, has joined CIE Tours International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ireland’s CIE Group, as chief commercial officer (CCO), responsible for setting and advancing the company’s commercial and digital direction and providing leadership for CIE Tour International’s development and launch of new products and services to benefit the travel agency community.

As co-founder of Black & Wright, Black has advised more than 60 leading online travel brands, traditional travel distributors, consortia and tour operators, suppliers and publishers, and travel industry start-ups.  She also has been a sought-after speaker and moderator at travel industry marketing and eCommerce conferences.

Black’s previous leadership positions included serving as chief marketing officer of Travel Impressions/American Express Vacations; chief marketing officer of; executive vice president, marketing for Liberty Travel/GOGO Worldwide Vacations; founder, TravelCom Conference & Expo; and general manager and publisher of The Official Tour Directory.

Recent Keynote addresses include: Caribbean Tourism Organization Marketing Conference; Aruba Tourism Authority Marketing Retreat; The Affluent Traveler Symposium; British Virgin Islands (BVI) Marketing Retreat; St. Croix Bridal/Educational Symposium (USVI)


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Business Startup Strategy

Business Startup Strategy

Selected Case Studies

Leading Regional Hospitality Group

The Situation:

The client is a leading provider of hotels, condominium resorts, villas and cottages, designed to multiple lifestyles and budgets.  They wanted to evaluate their website for effectiveness against the company’s expanded goals and create an improved user experience,  and overall, bring the brand into line with current online travel consumer trends.  They also wanted to shift more sales to the online channel.

New Consumer Travel Brand

The Situation:

Two years ago a travel industry holding company was seeking to establish a startup leisure travel brand offering high end vacations and featuring high touch customer service and best practices technology. At that time there were only a few key founders with an investment and ideas for success.