What We Do

We focus our travel industry experience on those business issues that require the most attention.  We can step in as interim management and execute or we can focus our network of resources on specific projects.  Our engagements are performance based, so we work with you to identify goals and develop a scope of work, a set of deliverables and timelines.

Here are a number of the ways in which we improve your business performance:


Expansion and Growth

Expansion and Growth

Adding new products, targeting new segments and markets (including international), require accurate analyses, market readiness and big demands on bandwidth. Connections with the right decision makers also help speed to market with new services, products and brands.

Interim Management

Interim Management

We do more than develop great ideas; we can execute key senior roles so that companies don’t miss a beat as they search for resources or funding. We can fill many roles until funding is in place or a resource search is complete. We also have independent associates that we can bring to many challenges.

Industry Intelligence & Competitive Assessment

Competitive Assessment

Clients love our insider intelligence capabilities because we can gather exclusive, relevant information and data quickly through our broad and deep industry networks. What are your competitors doing? Will customers want your products? If so at what price? We can articulate exactly what this means to your company or project.

New to the Travel Industry or to North America?

New to the Travel Industry?

We accelerate companies into the travel marketplace for those introducing new services and products. We can guide you through the landscape, tweak the model, optimize the messaging, identify the right customers, accompany you to the best conferences and make critical introductions.

Equity & Funding


Raising capital is a specialty resulting from funding our own companies as well as those of others.  We have worked on both buy and sell sides as well as entrepreneurs; we know how to position an organization for optimal fund-raising opportunity and value. Likewise, investors turn to us for our intimate knowledge of the travel space to identify the right investment, for assessment, due diligence, and negotiation.

Business Development


Save time and costs when Black & Wright supports your Business Development effors. We identify the right decision makers, position and represent your company to the market and help negotiate a closing on your behalf.  Reduce the sales cycle by leveraging our inside relationships and getting the messaging right.

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances


An intimate familiarity with the travel industry means we can help find right partnership or alliance.  We understand the need for compatibility in decision processes, technology, markets and culture. We identify and evaluate potential partners, facilitate communications with decision makers, articulate the right value proposition, negotiate and perform due diligence.

Marketing & Public Relations


We have prior major company CMO level marketing experience, public relations capabilities, and success to meet the challenges of changing landscape, decision makers and technology.  Whether you need a real world marketing plan, innovate new ideas or interim execution, we’ve been there and can accelerate, streamline and optimize performance. We also oversee branding to differentiate your products and services from competitors.

International Strategy and Development

International Strategy and Development

Travel is a global business and we have worked all over the world bringing industry innovation and experience to markets everywhere. We are happy to discuss your company’s plans, wherever you are, share our insights and see if there’s a way we can accelerate your success.

Technology Assessment and Support


We make sure that your technology supports your business model.  We can provide assessment, architecture, business requirements, project management and product management to optimize most technology challenges.

Business Startup Strategy

Business Startup Strategy

Reduce startup-risks with our team providing guidance, validation and market intelligence for your startup-up. Recruiting, finding resources or advice, our team will bring its extensive industry knowledge and expertise to advise emerging companies with strategies designed for both funding and market success. We have all been principals in successful travel startups as well as advised investors on the best opportunities.



Get it right the first time. Or even the second time! Your team benefits from our collective insights on what works and what doesn’t in this industry. Whether you want to breathe new life into a tired brand, or plan new growth, we have our own successes and life lessons as well as the benefit of 15 years of working with and advising companies all over the world. Our ideas and strategies are actionable, proven and based on real life, not PowerPoint presentations.

Selected Past and Present Clients